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Trading Terms

1. Scope of Warranty
This warranty relates to YSS (THAILAND) CO.LTD. and all its YSS SUSPENSION PARTS. YSS (THAILAND) CO.LTD.  assures to its customers that its products are free of production and material faults that could impact on the functionality of the product, subject to purchasers observing the conditions of use, application and care as specified at the time of purchase. Service work will need to be carried out either every 20000km or not later than every two years. Servicing of parts can only be carried out by authorised service centres and technicians or directly by YSS (THAILAND) CO.LTD.  All service work needs to be noted on the original warranty card included, indicating date of service and odometer reading.

This warranty covers the redress of all damages or faults covered under this product warranty through repair or replacement of parts. Replaced parts become the property of YSS (THAILAND) CO.LTD. Labour and material costs for warranty services will be borne by YSS (THAILAND) CO.LTD. Handling and shipping costs are born by the purchaser. This warranty is valid worldwide.

2. Time of Warranty
This warranty commences on the date of purchase. Consideration is given to all warranty claims made within the time of warranty either through an authorised service centre or directly through YSS (THAILAND) CO.LTD. This warranty ceases after five years even in the event of claims being made under this warranty.

3. Warranty Claims
Only claims will be considered with proof of purchase (i.e. Receipt, Original Warranty), providing details as to the date of purchase, the product, the dealer, and the product serial number. In addition, the warranty card will need to be produced, showing all service work carried out. Risk of loss or damage during shipment and handling of parts is borne by the purchaser.

4. Voiding of Warranty
This warranty is void should damage and/or faults arise through undue use and poor care by the customer and/or external influences such as damage during transport. Excluded under this warranty are also repairs and modifications of YSS SUSPENSION PARTS through unauthorised third parties as well as damages or faults arising from the customers failure to observe service intervals. Excluded are also all products used by customers in competitions.

5. General Conditions
This warranty describes the legal relationship between the purchaser and YSS (THAILAND) CO.LTD. Damages will not be awarded unless law can determine liability. This warranty exists in addition to already existing warranty entitlements held by the purchaser.

6. Service Line:

Lot 257 Heaslip Road, McDonald Park SA 5121
South Australia
Phone +61 (08) 88284 8033
Fax +61 (08) 8284 8389

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