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ECOLINE G302R is recommended for Classic Racing Bikes, Quads, Scooters, Pitbikes


E 302
YSS Twin Shock Series Ad
C 302
YSS Evolution Series Ad
O 302
YSS Ecoline Series Ad

Get the best for your Modern or Retro-Bike with the YSS G-Series. Developed for optimum performance and a sporty image. The G-Series uses a reservoir with a bladder for smoother linear movement and better cooling. For better precision, YSS selected to use calibrated Teflon coated Sinter DU Bushes and 12 mm heat treated hard chrome shafts. Rebound adjustable for maximum of 60 clicks and 10 mm maximum length for ride height adjustment are standard settings for the YSS G302-Series. Eyelet or Fork bottoms are optional. You could replace any of your shocks with the YSS G-Series.